Thursday, October 06, 2011

Chrome Help Support

On 2 February 2010 i join the Google Help Forum. I help daily the Chrome users that got problem with theire Google Chrome browser. Example like Install/Uninstall issues; Webpage Display Issues; Apps, Extensions, and Themes; How do I...? and many more of discussion categories.

Today i am annouce as Top Contributor for the Google Chrome Help Forum.
I will watch, and reply on the forum with my knowledge and expertise as Google Qualified Developer to other users.

Got a question or problem with Google Chrome:
Google Chrome Help Forum

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Translate, Share and Win!

If you help to translate my "Turn Off the Lights" extension to a other or fix a language. And share the link to all you friends. Then it's possible to win a Amazon $10 Gifcard (1 winner) or Google Adword $50 Giftcard (2 winners).

What must i do to win this?
Help to translate my extension, or check the other translation.
Share this to many of you friends using Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

"Help to translate this, share it, and you can win a price!"
Getlocalization: Turn Off the Lights

The most shared post will win this. And may choose a price item. Others winner will be selected random.

The winner of this contest are: keeper, brad.burbank and arabuli.
More contest coming soon...

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