Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fix my Safari Lamp

Today a update for the "Turn Off the Lights" Safari Extension. And it got lots of bug fixes. I also add a option for showing the context menu. (just like the Chrome Extension version)

Short list of the change log
  • Add option context menus
    • < video > Focus this video
    • < page > Darker this page
  • Fix the bug shortcut key
  • Fix flashing light on the HTML5 video
  • Fix dark only the top window
More details about additional changes are available in the Safari log.  If you find new issues, please let me know by filing a bug.

How receive the update?
If you have install my "Turn Off the Lights" extension, then it will automatic update to the latest version (if you turn the auto update on).
If you are a new user. Click here to install the latest "Turn Off the Lights" extension version.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Context Menu for TOTL Chrome

How many time you click with you mouse on my grey bulb icon? How many distance have you mouse travel to go to my extension icon? Many many many timeeee :-)

To save you some distance to travel, i release a option for my "Turn Off the Lights" Chrome Extension. A context menu for turn the light on or off.

context menu =  right click menu in the Google Chrome

Focus this video
It detect HTML5 video.

Dark this page
And page where you want it darker. Example to read this news item.

Faster focus to video: Now is it easy to get fast focus to a video on that webpage. By just right click on the video element and select focus this video.

Protect you eyes: On all web page you can dark also the whole page. So that make reading a news item better than the straight white light.

How turn this option on?
1. Go to the extension page chrome://extensions/
2. Then click on the option link in the "Turn Off the Lights" extension.
3. Below on the option page you see a title "Context Menu". Check the box right of it.
4. Restart the browser

This latest version got also few bug fix, for few video sites and social network sites (example like FaceBook).

I just recently watched Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina - This Is My Life and Axwell feat. Errol Reid - Nothing But Love

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