Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alex: The Command Line King

While reading alex's posts, I thought to myself, "Wow, this guy is non-stop helpful." Every post he writes offers a smart, succinct solution, and he seems to genuinely enjoy helping people get the most out of Google Chrome. He's especially nifty when it comes to using command lines to solve problems: check out this post for a particularly creative work-around.

On top of the help he provides in the forum, alex writes an awesome blog about all things Google, and his Buzz is informative and entertaining. In short, check this guy out. He's awesome. And if you've got a Google Chrome question, you should hope he's in the neighborhood.

Below is one of the Google Chrome videos alex hosted on his blog.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google Chrome Ads Video

This week Google Chrome Team of UK release 2 new video about Google Chrome. The first one about extensions and the other about translation.

Google Chrome Extensions

But if you watch (on 0.54) it say something ... Turn Off the Lights. (Focus on what you're watching. Darken the rest) Thanks Google Chrome!

Translate for Google Chrome

Dejan1024: Our Google Chrome Veteran

Here's a problem. People download Google Chrome abroad, and it automatically installs in the language of the country where they're traveling, which they can't read. There's an option to change their default language once Google Chrome is downloaded, but since they can't read the language, they can't navigate through the menu options. How can they make Google Chrome work for them?

Enter Dejan1024, our Google Chrome Veteran. After following this thread for a while, Dejan came up with the answer: a picture is worth a thousan words. He took time to lay out the whole process with screen shots and helpful numbered steps to walk people through the process, no matter what language their browser was in. Awesome.

Thanks Dejan, for all your awesome contributions.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MetaEd = MegaAwesome

Check out this recent thread answered by MetaEd. What a patient, considerate conversation and a great solution. MetaEd is exactly the kind of guy that makes the forum a better place, and that's why he's our Chromie of the Week. No wonder he says his superpower is the "Human Help Key."

Thanks MetaED! Here's a Google Chrome video for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rising Chromie Star: timmmy_42

This week's Chromie of the week is timmmy_42. Dragontatt, one of our Top Contributors, nominated timmmy_42 because his answers are "very helpful, and courteous, and I have learned from them also." Timmy_42's posts are short and sweet--they quickly get right to the heart of the issue and offer a constructive solution. Congrats timmmy_42, and thanks for helping out the chrommunity!

Google Desktop Stop?

Google Desktop for Windows forum have been closed. I feedback and help other users with their problem in the year 2009 and begin 2010.

Due to low activity on the forum and redundant information already
available in our Google Desktop Help Center, we've made the hard
decision to archive this group and point all users with any Google
Desktop questions or feedback to our Help Center. Please feel free to
If you'd like to report a problem or send feedback, please click the
"Contacting Support" link inside of the "Help Resources" sub topic.
Thanks a lot for your prior participation in the Help Forum!

-Ben on behalf of the Google Desktop Team

Friday, April 02, 2010

Turn Off the Lights API for your website

We just released Turn Off the Lights, so be sure to grab also the latest API and try it out (only for developer). This API will help website developer to focus an object that you want to show (when the lights are off). It can be an image, Flash video, HTML5 video and any other HTML elements. Also there are few sample how to create this on your website or blog.

I also searching for translator persons to translate this extension (you name or nickname will be added on the option page if you help me)

If you have bug reports or feedback, drop us a note at the Turn Off the Lights issues page.

Mori: whoosh!

Mori is new to the forum, but we love his spirit. Check out this thread he started about funny new slogans for Google Chrome, and add your own. Congrats, Mori: you're "more spiffy than a spoon."

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