Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Article For Google Desktop API

Translating into different languages with strings.xml - July 2009
This article was written and submitted by an external developer. The Google Desktop Team thanks Stefan Van Damme for his time and expertise.

When you've finished building your gadget, you should then think about internationalization for the many people across the world who might use your gadget. In this article, you'll see how to make your gadget understandable for all users.

Read the full article
here on the Google Code.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Gadgets

Today I release 3 new Google gadget by Stefan vd.

User Account gadget
Display the current user account image and name.

RTL The journal video gadget
Play the RTL journal video from Belgium.

Artesis gadget
Students of the Belgium school Artesis can now read his news and with one click go to his personal email and Blackboard account.

Overview Google Desktop Gadget

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where am I?

Here on my blog you can also see where i am now (see to the right side). Google Latitude allows you to share your location with friends and view their locations on a map.
With Latitude, you can also:

- Share your location and status updates with the friends you choose
- See on a map where your friends are and what they're up to
- Quickly contact them with text message, instant message, or phone call
- Control how much or how little location info you want to share with whomever you choose.

For more info, you can also visit from your computer or from your phone's mobile web browser.

Update Windows Dock Gadget

On my Google Gadget 'Windows Dock' i add a new great feature inside it. A remote Media Player control. Here you can easy play, pauze, go next or listen to the previous music with just one click. To open the 'Media Player Control' just enable it in the option panel of this gadget.
Windows Dock Version 6, download link:

New Gadget Download Link

All my gadgets got (since the end of the month June) a succesfull new download link. Now you can also easy see what is the most populaire gadget of Stefan

Follow gadget have been succesfull move to his new server place and also fix some issues in the gadgets:
Belgium (new style)
CD Ejection (new style, add button for 2the CD Station)
Commando Run (new style)
CPU Check (fix bug)
Desktop (new style, new code => button to display or hide the desktop)
Exppresion Tools (fix bug)
Fast Shutdown (fix bug option panel)
Gadget Space
Ghostbuster (fix date)
GTI Mortsel in 3D photo (fix photo)
Hard Disk (add more Hard Disk)
Het Hinkelpad in 3D
Makro folder
Media Player (new style, fix problem icon and about text)
Memory Check (add total memory)
Netherlands (new style)
Office Tools (new style)
Radio MNM
Radio Q music
Radio Receiver (fix Radio Q Music URL)
Radio Studio Brussel
S Media Player (new style, fix problem icon)
Speech (new style)
System Tools (new style)
Telefoon gids
VRT The journal video (new style)
VTM The News (new style)
VTM The News video (new style)
VTM The Weather (new style)
Wifi Connect
Windows Dock (add media player control)
Windows Games (new style)

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