Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aurora Player is the Best

Aurora Player is on the top of the best entertaining app for Windows 8. Today, Aurora Player is updated, thank you for your feedbacks! Now, it provides a better experience to watch videos on your computer’s desktop or on your tablet.

What's new in this major update:

Speech Recognition
When you enable this functionality in the settings, you can talk to this Windows Store app. You can say to it one of the following commands: "play video", "pause video", "previous video", "next video", "mute video", "volume video", "open video wall", "close video wall". Indeed, this app will understand you, and will directly respect your orders.

When you will speak to my application, it will display below a translucent black bar going along with a microphone icon.

Improvement Design
This brings a few improvements in the design to make browse a video in your library when you are playing a video and when you are opening the bottom bar. Also, when you click or tape on the home button, the video’s size will automatically decrease and it will move at the bottom left of your screen. Then, if you scroll to look for a video in your video library, the video player will always stay on this position at the screen.
If you want to back to the normal video view, click on the video player or on the gray status block. To finish, it returns to this impressive viewing experience.

The video wall is now cooler and have a space-like theme. You can see below the earth with his natural light, caused by the collision of a solar wind and magnetospheric charged of particles of the high altitude atmosphere.

All the settings flyout menu have also a more white translucent background, so you have a sense of content below the setting flyout menu.

Aurora Player is available for Windows 8.1, and you can get it by clicking here on this link.

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