Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5th Anniversary T-Shirt

In honor of the Turn Off the Lights 5th anniversary celebrations, we’ve put a special 5th anniversary T-Shirt in the swag store at cost $20 per shirt plus shipping. They’ll be on sale at this price today, and they’ll start shipping out this week of December.

In the store you can choose the size and color of the T-Shirt. It's comfortable, casual and loose fitting, heavyweight T-Shirt.

Get your unique 5th anniversary T-Shirt today

This year, to celebrate our 5th Birthday, we’re giving all our amazing users 10% coupon to get a Turn Off the Lights T-Shirt. — irrespective of exclusivity! Yay!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Turn Off the Lights turns five years old today! Thank you!

Thank you!
December 15, 2009 -> December 15, 2014

Our birthday is always a special time for us here at Turn Off the Lights. For one, it reminds us how far we’ve come. It’s also an opportunity for us to give something back to our entire community.

December marked the five year anniversary of the Turn Off the Lights. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you for your support. It is a great honor to serve this community. We accomplished a lot during that year. None of this would have been possible without your feedback and the donation of the Turn Off the Lights. Also today you can help us open source project on Github to report an issue in the code and or improve this extension.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to come a long way in just one year. We look forward to growing even more together over the next 12 months.

Stefan Van Damme

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please help us celebrate by sharing this news site your friends and please don't forget to support our work!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Zoom extension for Safari

The Zoom is one of my favorite Chrome extensions, it's very accurate and simple to use then the Google Chrome built-in zoom feature.

Today this Zoom extension is also available for the Safari web browser, you get all the features just like in the Chrome/Opera extension. That is the popup with the slider inside, to increase or decrease the zoom value on the current web page. With the three buttons to zoom in / out and to go back to the default value.

To get the Zoom Safari extension, click on this download link.

Support my continued development by making a small contribution. And please don't forget to share this news with everyone and rate my browser extension to 5 stars!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Camping in the night with a phone

These days the mobile internet users is growing faster than the desktop users And when you explore a website in your favorite browser, they all have a white background that included the mobile YouTube website. To get to the point, there are many mobile users who watch videos on their mobile device (even at night at a campfire).

Now with Turn Off the Lights for Windows Phone 8.1 you can easily dim everything in the background, so you can enjoy the video you’re watching without any distractions. And with no bright light is shining on your face (at night). To get this FREE app, go to the Turn Off the Lights website.

Highlight few great features inside the app:
✓ Turn the lights back on, by clicking on it
✓ Customizable background color
✓ Customizable background opacity
✓ Support multiple video sites: YouTube™, HTML5 video,... and more
✓ Quickmenu to change the opacity and to share a website link
✓ Option to choose your own homepage
✓ Option searchengine: Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo
✓ Support for Cortana

To receive this new app, go to the Windows Store. Open your start menu and tap or click on the Windows Store tile. And check in the tools + productivity category.

Try today my new application and let me know what you think about this in the comments here below. And if you have issue or feedback please submit it on my support website.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Stocks In Your Pocket

Finance Toolbar is a great browser extension I created to see your latest stocks with their percentage in a toolbar. It's a simple and easy to understand that everyone can use this extension. And with one click on a stock quote name, you get all the market details.

Today I am happy to announce that the Finance Toolbar is also available as a Windows Store and Windows Phone app. The Finance Toolbar app helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions so you can make the most informed financial decisions. Finance app puts your watchlist at your fingertips. This combined with a currency calculator, to convert EURO to USD (AUD, CAD, Pound, Yen) or vice versa.

  • Show the latest stocks change realtime in a table.
  • Currencies - Get current foreign exchange rates and see how your currency is trading against other world currencies.
  • Live Tile - Get your latest stocks on your start screen without opening the app.
  • Background - It's easy to change the app background to your own image.

Windows Store
Everything is in one table, from the name to the current value of that stock quote. The Windows Store app is easy to use as a sidebar, so you can continue to work and watch your stocks located to the right of your screen.

Get Finance Toolbar for Windows 8.1 »
To receive this new app, go to the Windows Store. Open your start menu and tap or click on the Windows Store tile. And check in the finance category.

Windows Phone
Everywhere you go you see your stocks with his percentage in a list. Finance Toolbar is mobile and update realtime. You see the latest of the latest percentage and stock value in my app.

Get Finance Toolbar for Windows Phone 8.1 »
To receive this new app, go to the Windows Store. Open your start menu and tap or click on the Windows Store tile. And check in the finance category.

Try today my new application and let me know what you think about this in the comments here below. And if you have issue or feedback please submit it on my support website.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Turn Off the Lights v3

This update brings some new innovations for the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. You can only find that here, nowhere else. The update brings a combination of motion and speech together, in the view that all my users could have a great online experience.

What's new in this major update:

Linear Background
Now, you can change the only one solid color to your own linear background. That can display a smooth transition between two colors, from the top black to the down gray page for instance.

Atmosphere Lighting: Vivid Mode
This is one the most extensive feature which makes the video’s content go outside the video player. The vivid mode display the atmosphere lighting effect in a more beautiful and realistic accent. See below the ad about the Vivid Mode feature on the YouTube website.

Camera Motion
When you enable this feature, you can dim the lights in a new way. When you move you hand (or fist) from the top to down, the webcam device.
The webpage automatically darkens. You can also enable this feature only for YouTube, or on the websites you chose.

Speech Recognition
Now, you can talk again to the browser lamp extension. Because when you say one of the following commands: "turn off the lights", "turn on the lights", "play video" and "pause video", it will understand them and obey directly on your browser.

Refinement Interface
Turn Off the Lights’ option page have a new refined interface. It's now more simple and cleaner to find your settings or ask for help online. Moreover, it includes an up-to-date guide, to learn more about the features inside this free Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

AutoPlay Delay
The Autoplay is a feature which dim the page’s luminosity when you click on the play button and vice versa. It is now possible to add a delay when the dark layer must be hidden when you click on the pause button or when the video ended.

If you are a Google Chrome, Opera, or Yandex user, you can get an update automatically. Are you a new user? So go to the Turn Off the Lights download page.

Windows Store App
The Windows 8 users can also get an update. Indeed, the Turn Off the Lights users have two premium features inside: The Camera Motion and the Speech Recognition. You can get the update on the green Windows Store app.

We are persuaded that all our users will love this major update. A great amount of work has been involving in this project. And the best of all is that it's totally FREE! Don't forget to share this news with anyone, and please don't forget to support our work!

5/5/2014 9:30:12 p.m. (GMT + 2:00) Update: Do you see the upgrade page more then 1 times? Check that you use Turn Off the Lights v3.0.0.3 that fixed this strange "new tab" loop. I doesn't want to spam my users. And that was not the intention. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aurora Player is the Best

Aurora Player is on the top of the best entertaining app for Windows 8. Today, Aurora Player is updated, thank you for your feedbacks! Now, it provides a better experience to watch videos on your computer’s desktop or on your tablet.

What's new in this major update:

Speech Recognition
When you enable this functionality in the settings, you can talk to this Windows Store app. You can say to it one of the following commands: "play video", "pause video", "previous video", "next video", "mute video", "volume video", "open video wall", "close video wall". Indeed, this app will understand you, and will directly respect your orders.

When you will speak to my application, it will display below a translucent black bar going along with a microphone icon.

Improvement Design
This brings a few improvements in the design to make browse a video in your library when you are playing a video and when you are opening the bottom bar. Also, when you click or tape on the home button, the video’s size will automatically decrease and it will move at the bottom left of your screen. Then, if you scroll to look for a video in your video library, the video player will always stay on this position at the screen.
If you want to back to the normal video view, click on the video player or on the gray status block. To finish, it returns to this impressive viewing experience.

The video wall is now cooler and have a space-like theme. You can see below the earth with his natural light, caused by the collision of a solar wind and magnetospheric charged of particles of the high altitude atmosphere.

All the settings flyout menu have also a more white translucent background, so you have a sense of content below the setting flyout menu.

Aurora Player is available for Windows 8.1, and you can get it by clicking here on this link.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Website Online!

We are celebrating this week the launch of our new website! The website has a clean, simple and minimal design. And we know our users will love this as much as we do. www.turnoffthelights.com

What's new on this website? Here a brief overview of the pages on our website:

On this page can buy affordable merchandise of our Turn Off the Lights brand. You can buy a mens tees, ladies tees, hoodies, hats, bags, stickers, mugs, scarf, watches and more. Also you can easily change the color and the size of your T-shirt. And all the merchandise can be shipped worldwide for free.

The most popular and free browser extension can be found on this page. You can download the extension for all major browsers and you can read more about all the features in this extension. E.g. the YouTube customization such as the Auto HD, Auto Play or Auto Wide mode. But also the atmosphere lighting, dynamic background, eye protection,... etc.

One of the new application that you can download to your desktop computer. This application makes it possible to dark your desktop and highlight your movie player program. The app has the same high-quality user experience as the browser extension, but for PC users.

The most mobile application for on to go, on a train or bus, ... or anywhere else. With this app you can watch comfortable a YouTube video in HD quality, and dark the rest of the page.
Browse the website is also better than ever with the use of the Night Mode feature. This feature converts the white CSS background to black with a single click on the night switch.

Have a question or need help how to change a setting? You can find it on the support page with a list of the most asked questions and answers.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, and we would love to hear your feedback about our new site. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our information and products. We will take your feedbacks seriously and do what we can to satisfy our users.

Please help us celebrate by sharing our new site with your friends and please don't forget to support our work!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ambient Aurea is now available on Windows 8!

Stefan introduces a new Windows Store App, Ambient Aurea. It's made viewing photos more pleasant and give the photo a more sense of depth. Ambient Aurea is the only and unique app that defines the viewing of photos in a whole other dimension. The engine and the experience behind this application is coming from the technology in the Ambient Aurea browser extension, where it is written in pure HTML5 code.

Get Ambient Aurea for Windows 8.1 »
To receive this new app, go to the Windows Store. Open your start menu and tap or click on the Windows Store tile. And check in the photo category.

Where your photos come to life
When you select a photo in the modern gallery, you will see an enlarged photo in the background that is completely blurred and unclear. And on top of this, you see your original taken photo in the center of the screen. That distance between the nearest and farthest objects in the background, make this sense of depth. What makes this so a stunning photo.

Ambient Aurea - Girl portrait

Ambient Aurea - Clothing Mode
Movement in time
Also it possible to play your favorite video inside Ambient Aurea Windows Store app. Ambient Aurea will update every time the blurred background, when the video file is still playing.

Ambient Aurea - Playing a video file

When you play a video in the video player, the following option is also available in the bottom app bar:

  • Stabilisation
  • Tracks
  • 3D stereo
  • Play to target device
  • Loop

Modern Gallery
Ambient Aurea read all the picture and video files in your default Pictures folder. Default it detect .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif for the photo file types and for the video file types .avi, .mp4, .mpeg and .wmv.

Everything in this photography app makes your photo more vivid than a regular photo viewer. And with this amazing new app, you can test this experience even today for a free trial.

Get Ambient Aurea for Windows 8.1 »

To receive this new app, go to the Windows Store. Open your start menu and tap or click on the Windows Store tile. And check in the photo category.

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