Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turn Off the Lights With Redesigned Interface and New Features

Turn Off the Lights will drastically improve your YouTube video-viewing and internet experience. Daily millions of people searching new things, watch videos and movies online. The user want it easy to play a video and navigate to a new page without any problems. And at the same time it must be more powerful and friendlier. That’s why we’re so excited about the all new Turn Off the Lights for Windows. It’s totally different and better than ever.

Get Turn Off the Lights for Windows 8.1 »
To receive the update now, go to the Windows Store. And tap or click the notification about Updates in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store.

The New Look

With the Turn Off the Lights Windows Store app, we have made it more modern and beautiful. And add new necessary elements for your video entertainment.

Of course just likes the browser extension Turn Off the Lights you must click on the lamp button to make the webpage dark and it highlight automatic the video player. In the settings flyout you can change the color of the dark layer, opacity, fade effects and add the atmosphere lighting feature.

New Features

With Windows 8 you have more controls of your video player. All the important tools are in the bottom app bar. To open the app bar swipes from the top or bottom edge of the screen, or right click with your mouse.

Repeat Button

This button makes it possible to repeat the current YouTube video when the video is just finished playing, so you must not click again on the play button.

Auto Wide Mode

When you open a YouTube video, this will make automatic the video screen larger. So you can enjoy your video on the big screen.

Automatic Stop the Playing YouTube Video

Default all YouTube videos playing automatically when you open the webpage, but now you can automatically stop the playing video when you open a new YouTube video. And press self manually on the play button.

Auto HD

To have a great video experiment we add an option to automatically show first the most highest resolution of the video. In addition you can specify also self the video quality with one of the below settings:

  • Highres
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
  • 360p

Share Bar

Now you can easily share every web page to your friends. And share it with the three most used and known platform, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Freeze the screen

This is an Easter Egg feature in the application, when you click on this button. If freeze automatic the whole screen. And the freezing will stop until you see the unfreeze button. Now you can make the screen cleaner by swiping with your finger or with one click on the single button.


Want to open the current page to another browser, example Google Chrome and use their the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. Just on the browser button and choose your browser in the list.

Premium Feature: Related Notes

This are features for the advanced users who need to get the most out the web.


Is one that allows multiple webpages to be contained within a single window, using tabs as a navigational widget for switching between sets of web pages You can easily enable this option in the settings flyout.

Navigation Color

Don't like the default black color as navigation bar? You can change it easily to white, green, yellow, red, pink, blue and more.

Change the homepage URL

In the basic settings flyout, you can change our default speed dial homepage to your own favorite website.

Bookmarks bar

Want few bookmarks below the URL box. Open the advanced settings flyout, add the five bookmarks with text name and a link to that web page.

Rotate the video for 90 degrees

Sometime you see a video online that doesn't use the landscape view. That is why this feature can help you rotate that video player with one tap or click.

Get Turn Off the Lights for Windows 8.1 »
To receive the update now, go to the Windows Store. And tap or click the notification about Updates in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store.

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