Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's new in this month?

Aurora Player Windows Store App
That's the new video player for Windows 8. Here you can play your favorite videos in the ambient light player. This month we add a whole new video wall style, and bring improvement in the player. By adding a seekbar and increase the length of the playlist. Also now there is an option to show the subtitle, and there is an option to add a stars background behind the video player.

Zoom Chrome extension
This is a Chrome extension that add an extra button in your Google Chrome browser, so you can zoom in or out with two clicks. But now you can do it even with just one click and a scroll up or down. Because now it detect the scroll event, to zoom in or out the web page. And it make direct live changes to the web page.

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App
The most knowed browser extension but kindly here in a new browser with a lamp button. There we have improve the loading of the wrong URL format. And add an option to change the homepage URL to your favorite start page.

Also since February 19 Turn Off the Lights has been selected as a finalist in the 2013 Readers’ Choice awards. Turn Off the Lights has made it onto the final ballot. But we need your help, please vote today Turn Off the Lights as the best Overall (Non-Security) Add-On. (voting can until March 19)
1. Visit this website
2. Select the "Turn Off the Lights" extension
3. Type your email (or login with your facebook account) and click on the submit button

Also we want to thank you all for your feedback! And don't forget to support our work.

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