Friday, October 12, 2012

Aurora Player for Windows

Aurora Player Windows Store App
With just under a month to go until Microsoft releases Windows 8 and Windows RT to the general public.

We have create a new entertainment app that use the part of the most popular Turn Off the Lights browser extension.
The new app is better then the default Windows Store Xbox Video app. This app add an ambient light effect around the video element and it have a dark background. And also it include a playlist.

We call it: Aurora Player, that's now available in the Windows Store!

Tips for Using Aurora Player in Windows 8:
  • Launch the app and if the app found a video in your default video folder. Then it show this video in the video wall.
  • Doesn't see a video? Click on the open file button, and select your video file(s).
  • When you are playing a video, it show the real color effect from the video content self. And not an one solid color.
Aurora Player - Video Wall
  • You can easy swap the app to left or right side of the screen. So you can see the playlist.
  • And below you will see all the basic buttons to control the video player.

Aurora Player - Snapped View
  • In the charms menu you can click or tap "Settings" and then on "Player Options". On this page you can change the spread value and the blur value of the light effects, background color or background image and much more.
Aurora Player - Player Options
More Improvements to Come!
This is the first release for Windows 8, so let us know what you think about it and feedback us using this support page.

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