Thursday, September 20, 2012

Improvement in the Finance Toolbar

Finance Toolbar browser extension receive this month his first big update. Now you can customize more the toolbar. Such as choose you own font family for the stocks text... etc.

What's New?

Order Stock Place
Finance Toolbar - Stocks
It's now possible to choose the order of the stock that must show first in the toolbar. When you are in the "Finance Toolbar" option page, you see an overview table of all you stocks. Then select a stock and click on the "move up" or "move down" button to choose the position in the toolbar.

Font Family
It's also possible to change the font family of the displaying text. You can change it to following family:

  • DS Point
  • Arial
  • Impact
  • Sans-serif
  • Times New Romans
  • Verdana

Font Size
Finance Toolbar - Font
Do you want to change the text height in the toolbar? Go to the "Finance Toolbar" option page, there you can change easy the font size pixel to a lower or higher value.

New Default Stocks
Also we add two new stocks in default list. This is the Dow Jones Industrial Aver and the S&P 500.
But you can easy add more stocks if you want, just open the option page and type theire stock name.
And click on the "Add" button.

Finance Toolbar is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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