Sunday, July 01, 2012

Summer Light

It's summer, so Turn Off the Lights will receive a new big update (v2.0.0.100). This time we focus on the green environment and video sites world wide.

Many people use daily there computer, but mostly they leave the computer on and do nothing. So the screen is also on and showing that white light of a webpage. Here is the solution: to be a little green:

Screen Saver
When you enable the Eye Protection option you can then enable the Screen Saver option. This will dim automatic the background only when the page is inactive on the set seconds value.

Do we use filter?
Everybody watch online video. Sometime it can not focus well that player on the webpage. Then Flash Detection is the solution.This feature search in whole Document Object Model (called the DOM) of the webpage. And bring only the HTML5 / Flash Player video to the front of you screen. Current this feature is default disable, but you can enable it in the option page. On Advanced Options ->  Flash Detection.
So we doesn't use filter, filter mean that it tweak the website from an online file. That's really bypass the job what the extension really must do. Example like the Adblock extension.
Turn Off the Lights browser extension use no filter system. But the new DOM detection system.

If you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera it update automatic to the latest version. For Safari check you extension panel.

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