Friday, March 09, 2012

Firefox Extension got HTML

Today the "Turn Off the Lights" Firefox extension receive the biggest update ever (v2.0.0.66). It's now better and easy to use.

What's new?
  • Use HTML Option page
  • Add the Ambilight feature
  • Add Welcome Guide
When you want to change a option in my extension, before you see a popup window that is created with the default XUL code of Mozilla. Now it's a 100% HTML option page.
This new option page is already used in Google Chrome, Safari and Opera extension version.

Turn Off the Lights (Firefox): Option page

 Here five reason what's improved to use the HTML option page:
  1. It got now a better overview, thanks to the use of tab.
  2. A live example of a YouTube page with the dark element.
  3. A live example of the new ambilight with there options.
  4. Easy access the API website and FAQ's.
  5. A Welcome guide inside, to learn more about my extension.
Turn Off the Lights (Firefox): Ambilight

To get this new amazing version, just click on Download now!

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