Friday, January 13, 2012

What's New this Year!

Today i release the first Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension update for 2012. But this time it's a special update with few new features. Here below a overview:

This new feature add a ambilight effect to the current playing video.
Current it support only HTML5 <video> and YouTube. And you can change the blue color to a other color.

Turn Off the Lights (Chrome): Ambilight (fix color)
This is a improvement of the old Spotlight feature, this time it show a real circle around the mouse (and not a square block).

Turn Off the Lights (Chrome): Mouse Spotlight
This is the codename i give for my extension feature. When you turn the lights off in a news website. Then the page is full dark, just like normal. But with this, you can click through the dark element on a link in the current open page. And the lights stay off.

All the above features will coming soon to all other browser.

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I just recently watched Timati & P. Diddy, DJ Antoine, Dirty Money - I'm On You (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark RMX) Official Video

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