Friday, December 16, 2011

What's New in December

All my "Turn Off the Lights" browser extension receive this month the follow great features:

1. Select custom area to dim the lights
With this new option, you can select self a custom area to focus a element on the website.

2. Autoplay for multi HTML5 video
Now if you got more then 1 <video> element on the webpage. It detect automatic what video is playing, to turn the light off. And the light go only back on if there is no any other video is playing.

3. Eye Protection
You can add now a time when the webpage light go automatic off. Example at night you can turn my lights of on 21:00h until 23:45h.

4. Custom background
Change the default black color to you own favorite background image.

5. Option page got a new YouTube preview, and receive 2 custom option to show on front of my extension.
  • Show "Add" button from YouTube
  • Show "like bar" from YouTube

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