Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Years!

The Stefan vd website and blog is today 5 years old!
And Stefan is the world knowed deverloper for browser extensions, gadgets and 3D builder.

There is more to come this year for all my users.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Flash autoplay

Today all version of the "Turn Off the Lights" extension for the Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox got a new feature inside.

Flash autoplay
If you turn the option "autoplay" on in my option page, and you play a flash video on YouTube.
It automatic turn the lights off, but when you click on the pause button. And turn the lights back on when click on the play button.

The new feature is just like the HTML5 video, but now for YouTube flash video :-)

Enjoy Turn Off the Lights!

Finally the Fox

Finally it's here, the Turn Off the Lights Firefox addon version 2. It got now all the features like the Google Chrome extension.

Highlights few features that the users wanted:
✓ the option "autoplay", this will turn the lights automatic off when you click on the play button
✓ option "Flash Detection", search for the flash object and focus it (great for flash games)
✓ option to change the opacity level of the element
✓ option to change the color of the element
✓ and support more video sites

Download the Turn Off the Lights Firefox version 2

And if you got a problem with a video not focus? Go to this website and report it here.

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