Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who use this?

This is the last post in our ‘Turn Off the Lights thursdays’ series. Every Thursday for the next few months we'll highlight something new you can do in my Chrome extension. From time to time, we’ll also share the great comments from the Turn Off the Lights users here also!

My extension got three kind of users group:
1. Video Watcher
Watch mostly dailly video, music video, tutorials about a subject...

And the users make advance of the option 'autoplay', show youtube video title and the context menu.

2. Web Reader
Read daily the news page on the internet. And watch the latest video news (live or just posted).

And the users use the autmatic lights off when page loaded and disable (maybe) also the fade in/out effects.

3. Image Searcher
That are users who want to focus on there own images of his album (example on Picasa or Flickr).

Few comments of the TOTL users + my respons
I'm a business user, can i use this. Or must i buy a license?
It's free to use for eduction, business and for all other users.
For business user, a donation will be great.
Can i help you?
Yes, my making a donation and report a bug if you find one.

Enjoy Turn Off the Lights!

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