Thursday, March 17, 2011

Protect my Eyes

This is the third post in our ‘Turn Off the Lights thursdays’ series. Every Thursday for the next few months we'll highlight something new you can do in my Chrome extension. From time to time, we’ll also share the great comments from the Turn Off the Lights users here also!

If you want to protect you eyes agains the white light of the website. Then you can use also this extension. Because there is a option to automatic turn the lights off of the current webpage. And you can also disable the fade in/out effects.

A faster and easy way to turn the lights on or off. Just by pressing the follow key:
ctrl + shift + L

Opacity bar
If you turn this option on. And you click on the lamp icon, a opacity bar right bellow wil be display on the current webpage. Here you can change directly you dark element and it save automatic the latest change you make.

Mouse Spotlight
This option show you the mouse in a small white rectangle, so you can easy click on the hyperlink of that webpage. (Default is this option off, but you can enable it in my option page)

Enjoy Turn Off the Lights!

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