Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Option page

This is the first post in our ‘Turn Off the Lights thursdays’ series. Every Thursday for the next few months we'll highlight something new you can do in my Chrome extension. From time to time, we’ll also share the great comments from the Turn Off the Lights users here also!

For our first ‘Turn Off the Lights Thursdays’ post, i’d like to highlight the new interface of the option page of my extension. Now it's easy to find the setting you need to change. And on the Basic tab you see a YouTube preview page. So you can see what YouTube option you have turn on.

Where is the save button in the option page?
The save button is removed, now it will save automatic the change you make on a item.
Where can i disable The fade in/out effects?
In the second tab of my option page named as "Visual Effects".
Does the TOTL API still work?
Yes sure, and you can still insert the code on you website:

Enjoy Turn Off the Lights!

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