Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is here, and so is Turn Off the Lights extension

School is out for the summer, and that means more time to see videos online or rent a YouTube movie.
But now you can focus the video with this Chrome Extension: Turn Off the Lights. It mean that the video part will show only on the current webpage. And the rest of the page will be dark.

Also it is possible to change the color of the darkness around the video, the opacity and even add a fade in or and fade out effect.

Example videos to try: [Lasgo - Tonight], [Basshunter - Saturday] and [Cadence - I Surrender]

Some key features from this release include:
  • Support HTML5 video
  • Option to a show a Dimness Level Bar when the lights are off
  • Autoplay on: Fade in effect when click on the play button
  • Autoplay on: Fade out effect when click on the pause button (or when the video ended)
  • Option to show the infobar below the YouTube page
  • Option to show the YouTube like & dislike buttons
  • Option to show the YouTube share buttons
  • Add keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + L) for turn the lights on or off
Website Developer
If you want to focus on you website also a div or other HTML elements.You can give for each element you want to focus this id name.

To read more how to make you website compatible with my extension, see the API for Webmaster.

If you already install this extension, then you use the latest version of my extension. If you are a beginner user of Google Chrome, you can install the extension from here.

Here i thanks also all my beta tester and current translators for his feedback and the help for this extension!

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