Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks StevePaul!

This week's Chromie of the Week is StevePaul, an extremely knowledgeable, long-time member of the Google Chrome Help forum. As Stefan vd says,

"The next person that must be come 'Chromie of the Week' is StevePaul. Because he is one of the oldest forum member i know, from since 1/30/09. He is a helpful Uber Chromie that help other user with his Chrome problems, it give you the right solution and with a solution reference link. Example here a particular threads about the help i like."

StevePaul is also a Senior Member at the third-party forum Chrome Plugins (you can view his discussions here). People love his help over there, too. They told him, "It's good to see someone mature and intelligent on the forums!" and "You should really, become a blog writer. Your posts are always helpful, and long with good grammar. So you'll be perfect!"

Congratulations, StevePaul. Thanks for contributing to the Google Chrome community!

P.S. We don't have a good picture of you, so we'll just share this cool stop-motion video in your honor:

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