Sunday, March 28, 2010

Google Friend Connect

Today i add the Google Friend Connect here to my blog. So you readers, can easy follow my blog. About my latest products, updates...

How do I become a Follower of this blog?
There are several ways to become a follower of this blog. One of the easiest ways is to visit my blog and click on the "Follow" button under the "Followers" widget.
You'll then see a popup window with the options to either follow publicly or privately.
Select how you'd like to follow the blog, then click the "Follow this blog" button. It is that simple, you are now a follower of the blog! If you elected to follow the blog publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile by adding the blog to your Reading List on the dashboard.

More information about the Follow a blog, read this.

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