Thursday, September 03, 2009

September Update Windows Dock Gadget

Today i release this update version of Windows Dock gadget for Google users.

Here below a overview what is change to this version:
- Clean program code (not necessary code removed) so the gadget open fast.
- Click on the Windows logo, switch from 'Program Modus' to 'Media Player Modus' (and also reversed).
- Can change all 8 action button to you program or file.
- Option to open a file for a action button.
- New logo control panel.
- New logo my documents.
- New logo email.
- New logo movie maker.
- Small download pack (.gg file).

Note: You can only add a file or exe program to a action button. So add a folder to a shortcut is not possible here, because the Google Desktop API doesn't support it.

I hope you enjoy this new version of Windows Dock version 6.1
Download it now

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