Thursday, August 06, 2009

Artesis Gadget Pack

Artesis University College Antwerp is one of the major colleges of Flanders, the dutch speaking part of Belgium. It consists of many departments, from Linguistics and Industrial Engineering to Teaching and Applied Computer Science.

With the name and his connected house style give himself a clear profile and a big identifiable gift. Name and house style are the new symbols for the Artesis-identification.

The name 'Artesis' is today just almost 1 year old. And got already between the 7000-7999 total enrolment for the new college year. With a current full staff between the 1000-1499.

To start the college year great, we give you few handy promotion gadget away. That is suitable for students and teachers of Antwerp University College.

Artesis Puzzle gadget (NEW, added today)
Puzzle game with picture of the Artesis University College Antwerp Belgium.

Artesis gadget
Students of the Belgium school Artesis can now read his news and with one click go to his personal email and Blackboard account.

Artesis Clock gadget
Show you current time with the logo of Artesis.

You can download one or more gadget here on this overview page. The only thing you need is to install Google Desktop on you computer.

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