Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update VTM The News video gadget

Today I release a update for 'VTM The News video' Google gadget.

VTM The News video gadget
With this gadget you can see the VTM News from Belgium (Dutch language). Also there is a option to see the news from yesterday and the day before yesterday (13 hours, 19 hours or the late news).

Here you see a preview of the gadget. You can easy place this gadget on you sidebar or on you desktop.

You can download the 'VTM The News video' gadget here on the below website:

Note:There coming more update for all gadget!
Example like the Google gadget 'CPU Check', 'Memory Check', 'Hard Disk', 'Windows Dock', 'Ejection CD' and more.

Also for the 'Artesis University College Antwerp' there come also a Google gadget.

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