Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Stefan vd Google Gadget

Today I release 3 new Google gadget by Stefan vd.
Two are normaly for the Belgium people (VRT Journaal Video and Artesis Clock) but one for all users (H Dock).

H Dock gadget
It is simaly tool like the Windows Dock gadget. But now it's a horizontal bar. So you get all you favorite program just on one horizontal bar. And also the new thing here is the inside Media player in it.

VRT Journaal Video gadget
Just a Belgium news report for Belgium people only. It stream live on 13h.

Artesis Clock gadget
This gadget is a clock but with the logo from the Belgium High School of Antwerp. Named 'Artesis'. This gadget is make for the school of Antwerp.

To Download one of the gadget click here

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