Friday, December 11, 2009

Update Date Today Gadget

Now there is a update for the 'Date Today' Google gadget to version 1.0.1, and the follow things have been fixed:
+ show full the name of the current day
+ show full the name of the current month
+ add the Greeks language (thanks to Nikos Loukopoulos)

To download the new version go to this website:

Monday, November 02, 2009

Lego NXT Manual V2.0

Today is the Dutch updated version of "Artesis RoboCup Junior" version 2 online.

+ The Rules of the RoboCup Junior in Dutch.
+ Rescue parcour explanation.
+ Information about the robot and explain the lego parts.
+ Possible enhancements (sensors).
+ Discussion about future robot.+ Learn building rescue program
+ 5 preview rescue missions.

+ 5 rbt files of assignments in our training programs.
+ All 5 assignments also be seen on YouTube video.

Total price
Free, Dutch course in pdf.

More information here on the project NXT page.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Google Wave Preview

This weekend i (as developer) tested the preview version of Google Wave. And it work great!

Google Wave
Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation
and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Invite to Google Wave
So if there are people (or developer) who also like to test the Google Wave.
I can still invite 8 people here.

If you want test Google Wave, just fill this form (select Google Wave):

Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky at times.
Happy waving!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Update Radio Q-Music Gadget

Here with the 'Radio Q-Music' gadget, you can listen to the radio station 'Q-Music'. But before you can only listen to the Belgium version.

Since today, you can also choose for 'Dutch Holland' or 'Dutch Belgium' version of radio station.

You can download the update version here on this page:
Google Desktop Gadget: Radio Q-Music

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Artesis University College Antwerp

See here the new promo video of the Belgium University College.
(Artesis is the new name of the University of Antwerp)

It is an autonomous Flemish university with seven departments and 33 types of training in Antwerp.

+ Design Science
+ Royal Academy of Fine Arts
+ Business, Teacher Education and Social Work
+ Royal Conservatory
+ Health
+ Industrial Science and Technology
+ Translators and Interpreters

More info about Artesis:
Artesis inspires

Saturday, September 12, 2009

System Manager Gadget

With the 'System Manager' gadget, you can see the current memory and all hard disk of you computer system.

This will be end this month live on the Google Desktop Gallery page. But early users can download the gadget now on my website.
Google Desktop Gadget: System Manager

Update Dutch Website

Now flemisch and dutch visitors can read the current news also on this website. This news page call the 'Media News'. Here you can read the Top headlines, World, Science & Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Health, Sport and much more news.
Also below each page there is a news bar that display the top headlines of a Belgium news paper (Gazet from Antwerp, The Standaard and ZDNet).

Few other things updated:
+ A whole new support page (with contact form).
+ Also the introduction page is updated.
+ Add right a news bar about Google Desktop.
+ Add page about the Windows Gadget.
+ Add a new Google Gadget page.
+ Fix social webapplication error.
+ Fix navigationbar style.

So check it out now.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Update Notification

Today you can see when a new product or gadget just updated (or new released) through the Stefan public calendar.

To see it in HTML, follow this link. And for XML, see this link.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

September Update Windows Dock Gadget

Today i release this update version of Windows Dock gadget for Google users.

Here below a overview what is change to this version:
- Clean program code (not necessary code removed) so the gadget open fast.
- Click on the Windows logo, switch from 'Program Modus' to 'Media Player Modus' (and also reversed).
- Can change all 8 action button to you program or file.
- Option to open a file for a action button.
- New logo control panel.
- New logo my documents.
- New logo email.
- New logo movie maker.
- Small download pack (.gg file).

Note: You can only add a file or exe program to a action button. So add a folder to a shortcut is not possible here, because the Google Desktop API doesn't support it.

I hope you enjoy this new version of Windows Dock version 6.1
Download it now

Feedback are always welcome on this website

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Update CD Ejection Gadget

Today new update for the CD Ejection Google Gadget
Here with this gadget you can easy eject a CD/DVD by just a simple click.

Update from version 6.0 to version 6.0.1:
+ Add a option to show 1 or 2 CD/DVD station
+ Add a option to change the buttons name
+ Remove the popup message for open and close CD drive
+ Fix a translation error

You can download the update version here on this page:
Google Desktop Gadget: CD Ejection

Also thanks for your feedback!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Artesis Gadget Pack

Artesis University College Antwerp is one of the major colleges of Flanders, the dutch speaking part of Belgium. It consists of many departments, from Linguistics and Industrial Engineering to Teaching and Applied Computer Science.

With the name and his connected house style give himself a clear profile and a big identifiable gift. Name and house style are the new symbols for the Artesis-identification.

The name 'Artesis' is today just almost 1 year old. And got already between the 7000-7999 total enrolment for the new college year. With a current full staff between the 1000-1499.

To start the college year great, we give you few handy promotion gadget away. That is suitable for students and teachers of Antwerp University College.

Artesis Puzzle gadget (NEW, added today)
Puzzle game with picture of the Artesis University College Antwerp Belgium.

Artesis gadget
Students of the Belgium school Artesis can now read his news and with one click go to his personal email and Blackboard account.

Artesis Clock gadget
Show you current time with the logo of Artesis.

You can download one or more gadget here on this overview page. The only thing you need is to install Google Desktop on you computer.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Article For Google Desktop API

Translating into different languages with strings.xml - July 2009
This article was written and submitted by an external developer. The Google Desktop Team thanks Stefan Van Damme for his time and expertise.

When you've finished building your gadget, you should then think about internationalization for the many people across the world who might use your gadget. In this article, you'll see how to make your gadget understandable for all users.

Read the full article
here on the Google Code.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Gadgets

Today I release 3 new Google gadget by Stefan vd.

User Account gadget
Display the current user account image and name.

RTL The journal video gadget
Play the RTL journal video from Belgium.

Artesis gadget
Students of the Belgium school Artesis can now read his news and with one click go to his personal email and Blackboard account.

Overview Google Desktop Gadget

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where am I?

Here on my blog you can also see where i am now (see to the right side). Google Latitude allows you to share your location with friends and view their locations on a map.
With Latitude, you can also:

- Share your location and status updates with the friends you choose
- See on a map where your friends are and what they're up to
- Quickly contact them with text message, instant message, or phone call
- Control how much or how little location info you want to share with whomever you choose.

For more info, you can also visit from your computer or from your phone's mobile web browser.

Update Windows Dock Gadget

On my Google Gadget 'Windows Dock' i add a new great feature inside it. A remote Media Player control. Here you can easy play, pauze, go next or listen to the previous music with just one click. To open the 'Media Player Control' just enable it in the option panel of this gadget.
Windows Dock Version 6, download link:

New Gadget Download Link

All my gadgets got (since the end of the month June) a succesfull new download link. Now you can also easy see what is the most populaire gadget of Stefan

Follow gadget have been succesfull move to his new server place and also fix some issues in the gadgets:
Belgium (new style)
CD Ejection (new style, add button for 2the CD Station)
Commando Run (new style)
CPU Check (fix bug)
Desktop (new style, new code => button to display or hide the desktop)
Exppresion Tools (fix bug)
Fast Shutdown (fix bug option panel)
Gadget Space
Ghostbuster (fix date)
GTI Mortsel in 3D photo (fix photo)
Hard Disk (add more Hard Disk)
Het Hinkelpad in 3D
Makro folder
Media Player (new style, fix problem icon and about text)
Memory Check (add total memory)
Netherlands (new style)
Office Tools (new style)
Radio MNM
Radio Q music
Radio Receiver (fix Radio Q Music URL)
Radio Studio Brussel
S Media Player (new style, fix problem icon)
Speech (new style)
System Tools (new style)
Telefoon gids
VRT The journal video (new style)
VTM The News (new style)
VTM The News video (new style)
VTM The Weather (new style)
Wifi Connect
Windows Dock (add media player control)
Windows Games (new style)

Monday, June 15, 2009

English Website Update

We are back, the English Stefan vd website is up to date. New Google Gadget are showed on the overview page. Also added more support options such as live chat(powered by Talk). Help page about translate a gadget to a other languages.

User can also log in to my website. So they can add comments about my products or just say hello.

Note's: That the website work only great on Firefox, Safari and Chrome. But IE users can see the site also, but it can be that it show not correct my website.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dutch Website Update

It's a great news for the Dutch users, i also update all my pages on my website. You can also see the new Google and Windows Gadget on the main page.

Note: Don't worry english users, the will be update soon. And receive alse the feature of what the Dutch site got.

Gadget Move To New Server

Today is all my Google Gadget successful move to the new Google Code website. And now is all my Google Gadget official Opensource. Everyone can review easy my gadgets with Google project.

So check it out developer and users.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Update VRT The journal video gadget

Also the 'VRT The journal video' gadget receive today a update.

VRT The journal video
Just a Belgium news report for Belgium people only. It stream the journal live on 13h.

Preview of the Google gadget.

You can download the 'VRT The journal video' gadget here on the below website:

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update VTM The News video gadget

Today I release a update for 'VTM The News video' Google gadget.

VTM The News video gadget
With this gadget you can see the VTM News from Belgium (Dutch language). Also there is a option to see the news from yesterday and the day before yesterday (13 hours, 19 hours or the late news).

Here you see a preview of the gadget. You can easy place this gadget on you sidebar or on you desktop.

You can download the 'VTM The News video' gadget here on the below website:

Note:There coming more update for all gadget!
Example like the Google gadget 'CPU Check', 'Memory Check', 'Hard Disk', 'Windows Dock', 'Ejection CD' and more.

Also for the 'Artesis University College Antwerp' there come also a Google gadget.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New favicon icon

Today i release my new favicon icon for the Stefan vd website. It show the first letter from Stefan name. And the letter got a black color with a white outer glow effect.

To see the favicon LIVE just visit my website:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chat Support Online

Now on the Stefan vd website you can chat with me. To ask question about my product, or need help with install a software, or give me a new tip to build a gadget, ... or just say thanks!

Note that this service come from Google Talk. So no software is require to install to chat to me. Later more Stefan vd users will be added.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Soon new project online

Later there will be a new product showed on the Stefan vd website. Named the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. Here you can download a free course for how to build rescue robot and more. And you can use this as preparation for the RoboCup Junior competition.
Below you see a intro video of the Lego NXT Robot.

So soon available in early June on
(project version in English and Dutch)

Tip for Google Desktop Developer

Today there is a new tip for all developer who make gadgets. This tip gives you information about what makes a quality gadget?

To read the full tip goes to the Google Desktop APIs Blog:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feedback Gadget!

If you got feedback about one of more gadget. Please add you comment or bug report on this website So we can easy see what gadget need to update. Or what gadget need more feature.

And thanks for using the Stefan vd Google Gadget!!!
To see all Stefan gadget just go to this website.

Windows Dock Pro gadget

Did you know i release also a special version of Windows Dock gadget. Here you can change the image of the buttons action. Example you can change the Windows Media Player icon by you own design image of media player.
You can also change the path of a action button without changing the image button.

Windows Dock gadget:
Search automatic to his icon from the new choose program or files.

Windows Dock Pro gadget:
Doesn't search automatic to his icon from the new choose program or files.

Windows Dock Pro gadget
This gadget give you a new design for start you application on the desktop or sidebar.

Download you Windows Dock gadget here.
And the Windows Dock Pro gadget here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update: VTM News Video gadget

One update gadget for the Belgium users.

VTM News Video gadget

Play the VTM News from belgium.

+ New background for the start screen and place 3 link to a vtm news video.

VTM News Video gadget update to version 2.2
Download VTM News Video gadget

New Stefan vd Google Gadget

Today I release 3 new Google gadget by Stefan vd.

Office gadget
A new way to open you favorite Office program with this gadget. You need a Office 2003, 2007 or higher to use this gadget. But you can change also all the path and tooltip name from the program's inside the gadget.

Power Off gadget
A small and fast way to shut down you computer or lock you computer. Here in this gadget you can shut down or lock you computer with one click. And you can change all button action. Example to change the lock button to a sleep button.

Task Manager gadget
The performace overview of you computer system.

You can download it from here (on the overview page gadget)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update: Fast Shutdown gadget

Fast Shutdown
A fast way to shut down or lock your computer. On a large or small style.

+ The option panel of the gadget is improvement with a new style.
+ Some language problem fixed.
+ Font style fixed.

Fast Shutdown update to version 4.0
Download Fast Shutdown gadget

NYC Loft in 3D

See below a video about the new project, New York City Loft in 3D.

More information about this project:
NY City Loft in 3D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update website

The Dutch and English website is updated today,

New thing inside the website:
- All image are updated (new white style).
- Add YouTube video about the GTI Mortsel (Belgium) in 3D.
- Add a new 3D project: New York City Loft in 3D.
- Add a article about the new Google Chrome browser.
- Add a article about the Eee PC inside a Home Network.
- Update Google Gadget text information.

New York
Here is a new project is situated in New York. We have a new 3D presentation of an apartment in New York that will be redesign in a beautiful loft apartment.

We want this project to realize in real life, in New York (United States of America). To help us you can donate us from the PayPal button on our site, send a email when you made a donation. Inside the email should be your full name, address and subject NY City Loft in 3D. When the project is finished, you name or logo (if you want) will be place on a special plate with the other donation persons. The nameplate will be at the entrance of the building in New York. The amount that cost for the project is € 2 million or ($ 1.6 million).

More information and email here:
NY City Loft in 3D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gti mortsel in 3d

Today, I release the first 3D project video:
gti Mortsel (version 2009)

This is a school in Belgium. That is redesigned in 3D.

More information:
3D Project: GTI Mortsel

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update Gadget

Commando Run gadget
Today, A new update for the 'Commando Run' gadget (from version 1.1 to 1.2). This update enable German and English users to use this gadget. The update is thanks to Marcel Schnirring.

- Background image => aero glass style
- Add Browse button
- More languages

Hire me for build gadgets!

I usually develop gadgets for all the users over whole the world. I created greatest and also funnist gadget for you Google Desktop. But you can also hire me to create a custom gadget for you:
- To enhance your business
- Reach new clients
- Promote your products

If you are interested in a custom Google Desktop gadget please contact me. (see contact information on Stefan vd website)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Review H Dock gadget

Here a review about the Stefan vd Google gadget 'H Dock'. It's a gadget that you can place in the Google Desktop Sidebar or just on the desktop.

To download the Google Desktop:
Download link Google Desktop software

And to download the H Dock gadget:
Google Desktop Gadget: H Dock

Friday, January 02, 2009

Review Windows Dock gadget

Here a review about the Stefan vd gadget Windows Dock.

It's a gadget that you can place in the Google Desktop Sidebar or just on the desktop.

To download the Google Desktop:
Download link Google Desktop software

And to download the Windows Dock gadget:
Google Desktop Gadget: Windows Dock

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Stefan vd Google Gadget

Today I release 3 new Google gadget by Stefan vd.
Two are normaly for the Belgium people (VRT Journaal Video and Artesis Clock) but one for all users (H Dock).

H Dock gadget
It is simaly tool like the Windows Dock gadget. But now it's a horizontal bar. So you get all you favorite program just on one horizontal bar. And also the new thing here is the inside Media player in it.

VRT Journaal Video gadget
Just a Belgium news report for Belgium people only. It stream live on 13h.

Artesis Clock gadget
This gadget is a clock but with the logo from the Belgium High School of Antwerp. Named 'Artesis'. This gadget is make for the school of Antwerp.

To Download one of the gadget click here

Stefan vd big update (website and products)

Hi visitors,

The website is open for everyone.
New things that is update on the Stefan vd site and products:

- The Dutch Stefan vd site is update (style like my English site)
- The English Stefan vd site is update (style like my Dutch site)

Both website have now the Google Friend Connect program. That connect friend and make new friends.

The Contact Information page is change to a new style. So the users and visitors can easy find there support for my products

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